A collection of grievances, memories, occasional musings, and everyday happenings

Where To Start

Don’t know where to start reading? You’re in the right place.

Life In Austria

5 Surprising Facts About An Austrian New Years

10 Observations Of Our Neighbors

Worst of Culture Shock, Part 1: War In The Kitchen

Worst Of Culture Shock, Part 2: Safety In Sickness

No Clothes, No Problem

Learning German

Learning A Language


Lost In Übersetzung

My Newly Obtained Super Power

Cue Gloria Gaynor


I Do Times Two

The Lasagna Disaster

Quite The Daughter (In-Law)

We Still Love You

The Pre-Woman

Comedic Grievances

My European Haircut

Chinese Food Syndrome

Dog Problems

Birth Control And Babies

Back In The Day

The Treadmill Accident


Females And Mr. Frog


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