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Vote for Comedic Grievances!

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Vote for Comedic Grievances!

ExpatsBlog, a diverse blog where expats from all over the world share experiences and stories from his or her country, has launched a series of contests centered around different aspects of living abroad. Expats are challenged to write on a specific theme for the chance to win prizes totaling $350 in Amazon Vouchers. Whoa. Comedic Grievances entered this week’s contest and has been featured! (insert excited squeal here!!!)

This week’s contest challenged expats to write on their experiences in Working Abroad. While there were quite a few culture related experiences to choose from, I chose to write about the…abrupt interesting awakening from working a full-time job that was separate from my husband’s in the U.S. to working a full-time job with my husband in Austria, ending the post with what I’ve found to be 5 helpful lessons learned that hopefully others can learn from, too.

Votes are what determine the winner of this contest and I would of course love your support. Please show your support for Comedic Grievances by clicking on the link below and leaving a comment below the post. Comedic Grievances can also win by receiving the most “likes” on Facebook. Be sure to press “Send” after leaving a comment, and feel free to share the link directly above “Contest Comments”. The more shares, the merrier! Voting ends Friday, May 31.

Comment to vote HERE.

Thank you for your support!

Author: Holly

Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

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