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Happy Sigur Rós in Vienna Day!


Will and I are going to see SIGUR RÓS tonight in Vienna! This is our dream come true. Seriously. If you’re like most people and are thinking, “What and or who is Sigur Rós??”, well, they’re an amazing band from Iceland who make music beautiful enough to move you to tears and crazy enough to blow your mind over and over again. The band is especially significant to Will and me because one of their songs, Hoppipolla, is the song I walked down the aisle to. You can listen to the full version via YouTube video at the bottom, and/or listen to it by watching this short video of our wedding which features the song at the very beginning. You might as well watch our wedding because I would’ve posted it next anyway in honor of our 1.5 year wedding anniversary (September 11). I’m not going to watch it with you because I need to save up all of my tears for tonight, but you can go ahead and grab a box of Kleenex. No judgement here.

Will and Holly Kooi Wedding

Ok so I did watch our wedding video and I did tear up a little. Don’t worry – still enough tears for tonight. Enjoy the song! You’re welcome.


Author: Holly

Vienna-based American wife/mom/expat.

3 thoughts on “Happy Sigur Rós in Vienna Day!

  1. So, got all geared up to listen to them, but fb informed me that the uploader has not made the vid available in my country. Why is everybody always picking on Americans???

    • Oh no! I didn’t realize that one has specific regulations. I’ll put up a universal one when I get the chance. In the meantime you can search for the song on YouTube – an “Americans Allowed” version 😉

  2. How wonderful! I wish you a great evening and enjoy it 🙂

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