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The Problem with Evangeline.

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Yesterday, it was revealed via PasteMagazine: Evangeline Lilly Added to The Hobbit Cast.

Oh the devastation!

I’ll cut to the chase here.  Evangeline Lilly, or, “Kate” (her character in Lost), drives me nuts.  It’s possible that I’m too emotionally involved in the series, so the fact that Kate is A) a tag along B) a terrible, almost borderline immoral flirt, and C) the most irritating female on the island (excluding Shannon), could be interfering with how I see Evangeline as an actress.

OR it could be that she completely lacks expression in her acting, which reminds me of someone we all know and love:

We know Zoolander because of his one expression to which he gave four names:

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari, and finally, the all-powerful Magnum.

And so, Zoolander’s repetitive faces have inspired me to try to name Kate’s four-in-one faces.  Let’s see…

Boldly Concerned.

Quietly Concerned.

Genuinely Concerned.

Concerned Enough to Part My Lips Concerned.

Do you see??  Perhaps not.  Perhaps it’s just me.  And perhaps The Hobbit does have enough turmoil within it to make Evangeline the ideal candidate to play a genuinely, boldly, and oh-so-quietly concerned elf.  But even so, I still see a problem with Evangeline.


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