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Six Weeks

Six weeks from today, ladies and gentlemen, I will be Mrs. Holly Kooi.

Isn’t that wild? (And terribly grand!(Arrested Development Reference))

For most of my life I’ve thought to myself, I can’t wait to have a different last name so I don’t have to spell it out for people all the time.

Boy did I get that thought wrong.

The other day Will and I were at Lowe’s to exchange a bag of nails.  Will gave the gum-smacking, bored-out-of-my-mind-and-I-want-YOU-to-know gal his receipt.  She looked at it, looked at Will, looked at it again, snapped her gum once more then asked, “Uh, is your last name the word that starts with a K?”


Did I tell you that our ring insurance is currently under the name “William Eugene KooL”?

The wedding planning is going well.  Someone asks me about it at least twice a day and I always respond with, “It’s going…!”

It really is, though.  Mendy and I have hit up Hobby Lobby twice, and both times left with three carts full.  We’ve also been to Sam’s where we collected as much as necessary for the Rehearsal Dinner and Reception.  The centerpieces have been completely finished thanks to my wonderful, wonderful friends Erica and Brianna, so I don’t have to worry about overcoming that hurtle anymore, thank goodness.  The invitations have been printed and are officially out and about, so check your student mailboxes (then RSVP!).  All that’s left are the final payments, final confirmations, last minute orders, final parties (yes), and final fittings.

I went to my first and hopefully last dress fitting yesterday.  You can ask my ribs how it went – they would tell you very truthfully how they felt about the experience, though I do hope they’ll clean up the language for you before telling you the whole story.  I’m joking.  I never cursed once.  My face just scrunched up a lot while the lady kept asking, “Can you breathe?”

Guess I’ll be breathing in short breaths through the ceremony.

A few people have asked me if I’ve had any wedding dreams yet.  I have not, though I did have a very vivid dream about my centerpieces, which have several shades of loveliest blue in them.  My dream then consisted of nothing but blue ribbon, blue vases, blue marbles, blue candles, and blue flowers.  My centerpieces are much more varied than that, but my dream presented the opposite.  The dream was so ridiculous that I actually woke up, sat up, and told myself to no longer dream about the color blue.  It didn’t work because my dream continued right where I left off.  I guess that kind of dream is better than having the “naked at the altar” dream.

If you’ve read my past entries, you’ll know that our wedding cake is going to be unlike any other wedding cake you’ve ever seen.  I’ve been in touch with the precious lady who has been busily and excitedly customizing our The Beatles – Abbey Road cake toppers.  As a teaser, I’ll show you Ringo, and hope you enjoy this parting story:

My Granddaddy Ray is my mother’s father.  He lives in Georgia, about ten minutes away from my parents who visit him regularly.  A week ago, my parents were over at his house and my mom was showing him my and Will’s engagement pictures.  Granddaddy Ray came across this picture:

… and asked my mom how my Uncle David was able to get “those other two guys” to pose with us and walk across the street like that.  My Granddaddy was most impressed with how we are all so evenly spaced.

My mother told him that was George Harrison and John Lennon.  He said, “Oh.”


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Lark Rise to Candleford, a BBC period drama production, has taken hold of my mother’s TV viewing attention as well as my own.  Season 3 was at the tip-top of my mother’s Christmas Wish List so much so that I actually shuddered to think about how she would react if Lark Rise was missing from under the Christmas tree.  My dad of course gave it to her, and we watched an episode that night with my grandparents.  Season 3 begins with the early stages of Thomas Brown and Miss Margaret’s marriage.  Thomas Brown is Candleford’s postman – a man of God under constant spiritual conviction to preach at any person who he feels that God might feel… needs a sermon.  Miss Margaret, his wife, is a most timid woman with a very small, quiet voice, who blushes at the mention of anything remotely romantic or that could be mistaken as intimate.  They’re simply: awkward.

Dorcus, the post mistress, is always full of wisdom.  After a short period of being married, Miss Margaret visits Dorcus in need of some serious advice.  Miss Margaret proceeds to tell Dorcus that her Thomas Brown wants to “endeavor” almost every night.  He will even wake her up so that they may “endeavor” together.  Dorcus listens intently and tells Margaret that this is natural and completely normal, especially for newly weds.  However Dorcus changes her mind when Margaret admits that Thomas Brown sometimes will want to endeavor up to 8 or 9 times a night.  Fortunately for Dorcus, she finally realizes that Miss Margaret isn’t referring to endeavoring, but endeavoring.  Praying.

The episode continues on, showing the turmoil that poor Thomas Brown is experiencing.  He very much wants Miss Margaret to have a baby, and he can’t think of any other way for this to happen unless he prays constantly every single night.  He confesses his worry to a friend who kindly tells him that praying is all good and well, and God will indeed provide, but in order for a woman to get pregnant, they actually must… endeavor.

Thomas Brown, now filled with the utmost confidence, goes home to his Miss Margaret.  He walks in, faces his already dressed for bed wife and asks, “Shall we… endeavor?” 

They did.  And Thomas Brown belted one triumphant note out of his trumpet at the completion for the entire town of Candleford to hear.

My Grandpa suggested the next morning over breakfast that Will ought to get himself a trumpet.

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Well I’m still in bed.

My first day at Ashland Gardens & The Gardens began on Monday, and of course I went back for more on Tuesday.  As Buster Bluth would say: It was a wild, wild ride.

Monday was extremely slow, but that’s a typical first day from what I can gather.  I hung out in the office with my boss and fellow coordinator, wide-eyed and eager to do something… anything…

The people I work with are amazing and hilarious.  I have yet to meet everyone on staff (the caterers, the florists, the cake bakers, the chair slip makers), but I’ve obviously walked into a wonderful Christian family environment and I intend to stay put.

My favorite hobby is to listen.  To eavesdrop.  Whenever the door opens, one of the three of us is supposed to go out and greet the soon-to-be bride and/or groom along with the MOG, the FOG, the MOB, and the FOB, the SOB (siblings), and most usually, the COB (children).  Since I’m brand new, I haven’t really greeted anyone yet, though I did greet the homeless man who wandered into the office asking for a bus pass and money who was then flabbergasted when I told him we are in fact a wedding chapel, not a church.  Apparently this kind of thing happens all the time.  So since I’m not a greeter, I sit by the phone in the office while my boss and co-worker handle the upfront stuff.  And let me tell you, the most interesting of people are months away from getting married.

Speaking of interesting people getting married, my and Will’s wedding invitations have been ordered and will be here in a week.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to reveal what it looks like, but I’m going to anyway so that when you see Kyle Turman, you can tell him that he did an AMAZING job with our invitations.  So look for this in your mailbox:

The front of our Passport invite is a reflection of some of the countries that mean something significant to us.  For example, we met then flirted in Ghana our first year, then in Ghana our second year, Will told me he wanted to marry me.  Ireland is where I fell horribly ill due to a viral infection from Ghana, and Will took care of me.  We’ve both gone to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and we’ve been to London 5 or 6 times, obviously obsessed with anything about The Beatles (Abbey Road).  He’s been to Japan, I haven’t, but we both love the culture and have some very good friends there who we hope to visit someday.  Will’s heritage is Dutch (Amsterdam) and I’m part German.

Enjoy your Workday Wednesday, and I’ll enjoy my Wednesday Not-a-Workday.  Both my employment agreement and my wedding to-do list inform me that I must keep my nails looking nice at all times, so I think I will follow that order this afternoon.