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From Education to Coordination

Above is a picture of my new home: Ashland Gardens

No, I didn’t get so into my own wedding planning that I decided that I wanted to do it full time.  Wedding planning found me, somehow.  Basically, the past 6 weeks looked something like this:

Week 1 – 3 1/2 year Early Childhood Education major -> Admits misery -> Switches to Interdisciplinary Studies -> Cue “what am I going to do with my life?!?” freak-out sessions

Week 2 – Begin internship with Career Services

Week 3 – Still interning -> Plans an event -> Loves event planning -> Begins to freak-out less

Week 4 – Event takes place -> Contacted by Ashland Gardens to be considered for their Full-Time Wedding Coordinator position -> Ecstatic -> Turns in resume

Week 5 – Interview with Ashland Gardens -> Asked to come back for Interview #2

Week 6 – Interview with Ashland Gardens -> Told to wait for a phone call which will determine fate -> Anxious


Week 7 – Accepts the Wedding Coordinating position

So it was about 6 weeks and one day if you count the day as Week 7.  It’s been a wild ride.  An exciting one though!  During my, er, lost week (Week 1), I had no peace about anything I was doing.  Well, that’s not exactly true I guess.  I was at peace with the fact that getting out of Education was the right thing to do.  I felt like every time I asked God if I was going in the right direction, He was patting me on the head saying, “Yep!  You’re not going into a Nowhere Zone.  I promise.”  The confusing part about it was, I had no idea which direction my current direction was going to lead me.  Non-profits?  Something corporate?  Missions?  I talked to Will about it, I talked to my Dad, I talked to my roommates.  Brianna and I decided to have Communion so we could have some quiet time, and I could ask God all the questions I wanted without any interruptions.  I did, and the answers came week, by week, by week.  I knew God’s hand was in all of this, but I didn’t see the whole picture until Brianna texted me one afternoon with:

“hey holly, remember that one time when you trusted God and changed your major from teaching. Then one by one all your dreams came true? I was just thinking of that time…”

SUCH! a perspective.

So.  My start date is January 3rd.  I’ll be trained as a full-time coordinator, and then I’ll be completely full-time once I graduate.  All of my classes are in the morning which means I’m able to get to work and stay till close every day, so I’ll be full-time for the most part already.  And we get Wednesdays off!  If you’re getting married or know someone who’s getting married, come to Ashland Gardens!  But wait till… wait till around April.  That way I’ll sort of know what I’m doing by then.

Also, be looking for my and Will’s engagement pictures.  We spent 7 hours (total) taking pictures all over Nashville during Thanksgiving break, which means we took a ton of pictures.  1,593 pictures.


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What A Day

I feel that this face describes how I’ve felt for the majority of the day. Completely ecstatic.

This morning was particularly rough – an 8am of course. My 8am science primary has always been difficult for me to be the least bit interested in, but today I wanted nothing of it. I went, grumpy and coffee-less, which only made my grumpiness worse. I came back to the apartment and tried to be productive till chapel. Then wonderful things happened.

As of late, I’ve been helping out in the Career Services department. Basically, I contact students at OC, then I contact professionals in the OKC area so they can meet. The next time this is scheduled to happen is December 2nd at the First Impressions Competition. Students will receive a short tutorial on how to give an excellent “elevator speech”, then they will compete against one another and give their speech to the judges (OKC professionals). The judges will be looking for charisma, non-verbal, speech content, etc. SO. We’ve had 3 judges already lined up for awhile. It has been my task to find 3 more. I contacted someone in education a couple of weeks ago, but it was a no-go.  I went after someone else. Someone bigger. Someone who excels in the ways of social media, professionally. I contacted him this morning, and bam. Got him. He’s all in. Next, I needed to find someone from Chesapeake. Bam. Turns out the social media man wants to bring a friend from Chesapeake. 2 down!

And then it happened. The email came. From her editor.

A few weeks ago I was telling Will about the possible professionals I wanted to try to get in touch with for this event. Then I jokingly/seriously said, “What if I got _________ to come? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” He said yes, but in a good way. And then, good luck.

I got her contact information from a family with whom this person is friends with, and I emailed her. In all honesty, I expected to hear absolutely nothing back. She’s a busy woman. She’s a big deal. She’s running for the Supreme Court seat. She’s…

Jari Askins!! (Lt. Governor)

Her editor totes(blame Kim) emailed me to say that Ms. Askins would love to be a judge at the First Impressions Competition.

My jaw dropped, especially when the editor asked for security contacts. I got a person who needs security!!!

I jumped around screaming and giggling for the next few hours after that. I gave probably the most energetic tour of my life, and ran to more buildings searching for the Career Services director than I have for any of my classes. I calmed down once I sat down in my math primary class, because math isn’t fun even if it is for Prek-3rd grade.  But still. It was an exciting day.

Also, I had my second interview this evening. I’ll find out the results on Monday.

Good stuff!

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Birth control and Babies

Did the title get your attention? (hehehe)

For the past month or so, I’ve had to make a few visits to the doctor about the numerous amounts of headaches I’ve been having.  The first time I went in was early October.  Back then, my headaches were pounding through my temples, on top of my eyes, and on the bridge of my nose.  They started out of nowhere and refused to leave me alone.  The doctor said that, given my symptoms, the headaches were coming from my birth control.

Yeah.  I’m on BC.  I went to the doctor, said something like ‘Hey, I’m getting married in a few months!’ and she said ‘No babies for awhile?’ and I said ‘No ma’am.  Not until…. well not for a long while’ and she said ‘Welp you’ll be needing this then’.

Holly + birth control = Insta-woman.

Except I’m the wimpiest woman I know.  I was fine for a week, then my body hated it and was extremely upset with me.  I woke up with a stomachache every single morning.  I even nearly fainted once.  Then the headaches came.

So the doctor instructed me to switch brands.  I did.  The headaches didn’t stop immediately, but they did decrease quite a bit.  The doctor said that if the headaches didn’t stop completely, we’d have to look for a different method.


I went in again this past Monday for one last headache check-up.  I told her that I hardly notice the headaches now.  They’re tiny ones and don’t last very long unless I’m in the car, which she thought was interesting and thinks my eye prescription may have changed.

As she walked me out of the office, she left me with the following words:

“Good thing your headaches are going away or else we’d have some kindofa time finding a different method for you.  You mighta just had to have been pregnant all the time.”


Yeah right.

If my little self can’t handle a pill, I’m pretty sure it can’t handle being pregnant more than twice.

Exhibit A:

Here you see me with my cousins and brother.  I’m the oldest and by far, the smallest.

It’s also in my genes.  For some reason, and I can’t remember why, but my mother once said, “Holly, we Greene womenfolk weren’t meant for childbearing.”

What she meant by that was, we’re a small people.  We can have children, but not a lot.  Our bodies would break.  She also meant that we apparently birth GIANT babies despite our petite size.

Exhibit B:

This is me feeding my brother Hunter.  He was a 9 pounder when he was born, and there’s no telling how much he weighs in this picture.  All I know is that he was one huge baby, and I wasn’t much smaller when I was born.  I was an 8 pounder.

Will has mentioned a few times that he wouldn’t mind having a few children.  Well honey, if that’s what you really want, I’ll have Sadie and Kid 2.  You can have the last one.

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The Three L’s

Every two months or so I go through the same process: My hair is getting long… I like it but I want something new. Something FRESH! My friends are getting short hair cuts. I want a short hair cut. Not too short, but you know, something cool. Something hip. Something in.

I never actually go through with it though. I’m growing my hair out for the wedding, and Will likes it long.

However, my strong desire to cut my hair off always increases by leaps and bounds when my hair gets hurt. Sitting in church and someone behind me decides to put their hands on the pew just as I begin to learn forward… Insta-headache. Getting my hair stuck in the back of the hairdryer… Good grief.  Hairaches… nearly the worst.

But the absolute worst pain is usually during TV time. I lie down on the couch first, then Will will plop down next to me. Eventually I’ll decide to move somehow and BAM – worst hair pull ever. And I whine and say, “Wiiiiill… My HAIR!” and he’ll sigh heavily and apologize, but it’s only half-hearted now because it happens so often.

So I came up with the three L’s:

  1. Look
  2. Lift
  3. Lie 

It’s almost as important as Stop, Drop, and Roll.

I came up with the three L’s so that Will and I could avoid conflict – that way he doesn’t have to listen to me whine and I don’t get hurt.

The three L’s haven’t really… caught on yet. But someday. Maybe. Probably not.

I’m cutting my hair off after we get married anyway. That’s the new newly-wed thing to do.

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A Few Updates

I’m currently watching a show on TLC with my roommates – a baby show, of course, but this one is about traumatic pregnancies. The episode we’re watching now is about a woman who goes out into the woods for a walk and is chased by bear. She climbs up a hill, runs out into the open road, gets hit by car, and no one stops for her. She delivers a happy 7lb baby shortly after.

Anywho, a couple big time events(?) have taken place in the past few weeks. For anyone who’s interested in wedding updates, here it is:

Cake? Got it.

Florist? Jewel Box.

Guest List? Working on it.

Invitations? Being made.

Engagement pictures? Thanksgiving.

In-Laws meeting for the first time? HAPPENED.

Will’s parents and my parents finally came together for the first time this past weekend. My parents arrived on Friday and stayed through Sunday. Many dinners were had and much friendly conversation was accomplished. And Will and I are still getting married. Phew.

One thing I forgot to mention: Will almost saw me in my wedding dress. It’s true. I was standing in the middle of my living room, my parents were on the couch oo-ing and aahh-ing as they should, Erica was foofing it out, then Brianna and Shota came in. Shota forgot to close the door, probably because he was taken aback by the large ivory poof in the room. Then all of a sudden we heard a “oh!”, looked, and saw Will turning around to go back down the stairs. All of the girls started screaming at him, Brianna jumped in front of me trying to block the dress with her bridesmaid dress… It was nuts. I humphed and stormed into Brianna’s room to change. Kooi…

Other than that? Meh. Oh I changed my major. My senior year. It’s true. And I couldn’t be happier. I declared Early Childhood Education my freshman year, certain that I was going to make small children happy and small children cry for the rest of my life. I was going to plan classroom parties, attend PTA meetings, and deal with uppity parents who refuse to hear reality. Not to mention I just recently became a member of P.O.E. (teacher insurance). After several meltdowns in front of Will and one long, wonderful communion with Brianna, I finally admitted to myself, and then to my advisor, that I’m not supposed to be an education major. I do love teaching. I do. But I don’t want my own classroom, I don’t want to get my masters, I don’t want to go to seminars and IEP meetings… Can’t do it.

What do I want to do? I want to be… an Event Coordinator. I love dressing up in suits. I love delegating jobs. I love shaking hands with people. I love organizing parties. I love the stress of running out of time. I love finding out of the box solutions. I LOVE IT. So, I’m now an Interdisciplinary major (same as Liberal Arts). My three minors are in Early Childhood Education, Education, and Bible. I’ll be graduating ON TIME in April and will receive my BS. Currently, I’m interning for Career Services so I can build up my resume and score a job in the near future. So if you need any events to be planned, let me know!